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      Wednesday, August 10, 2022,  8:14 PM Eastern
About Us / Our Message
Autism One is a nonprofit charity organization 501(3)(c) started by a small group of parents of children with autism. Parents are and must remain the driving force of our community, the stakes are too high and the issues too sacred to delegate to outside interests. 

Our message is simple: Our children get better; many fully recover given the proper treatments and therapies. You will hear our message loudly and repeatedly.

Our Children Get Better!

Recovery is not a rumor, or a myth, or a dream; or an article of faith, it is a fact borne of tens of thousands of children who have improved dramatically, many recovered. Our enemies are time and ignorance.

Autism is multivariate in presentation and cure. The disease bows to the collective weight of doctors working with therapists working with educators working with researchers working with parents working to recover their children.

Our hosts include the most knowledgeable autism experts across a variety of fields. Many are also parents of children with autism, a great number recovered or on the road to recovery. Their combination of education, experience, passion, and insight puts theory into practice helping turn difficult questions into real-life answers.